Daktronics Announce Control System Integration with Grass Valley

As the company continues to evolve its control systems to help users create more streamlined workflows, Daktronics can now provide an integrated solution with Grass Valley, a trusted partner to many of the biggest and most creative names in the media and entertainment business. Grass Valley’s Kayenne, Karrera and Korona production switchers can now send triggers for content playback and direct control of equipment through the Daktronics Show Control system.

“We recognise that the demands on live event production teams have never been greater,” said Robert Erickson, Grass Valley strategic account manager for sports venues. “That’s why we continue to develop solutions that simplify workflows for our customers. Whether it’s a single command or building a salvo into a switcher macro, with this integration between our products, Daktronics and Grass Valley are making it easier for a production team to deliver a high quality, engaging experience to their audience.”

FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns, has recently implemented this integration to streamline its production for the 2021 season.

Kevin Doerle, engineer and scoreboard operations with Carpe Diem Media Services for the Cleveland Browns, commented, “Daktronics’ ability to smoothly and effectively integrate with the Grass Valley K-Frame and Kayenne switcher is a critical point in our game-day programming. Without this integration, it wouldn’t be possible to create the excellent fan experience we have now and build upon for the future. Working with the Daktronics team in implementing these crucial points of control was a pleasant experience.”

“This development ensures Daktronics is compatible with big technology players in the live events industry and event control systems marketplace,” said Jason Vogel, Daktronics applications engineer. “It allows Daktronics and Grass Valley to send network commands without the need for additional equipment to the processor and, most importantly, makes life easier for their production staff to simply push one button to send content to the display.”

These improved workflows equate to a more efficient production which in turn delivers a better experience for viewers as they watch the live action.

Daktronics Show Control solution is powerful, easy to use and always advancing. This industry-leading system provides a combination of display control software, world-class video processing, data integration and playback hardware that forms a user-friendly production solution.