Daktronics Delivers Flexible Control Hofstra University’s Concourse Signage

Daktronics partnered with Hofstra University

Daktronics partnered with Hofstra University to provide an integrated solution this fall for their concourse digital signage. A new control solution was installed for their concourse LCDs allowing them to show the same game-day experience as the main LED video displays in the seating bowl and to switch back to non-game day productions quickly and easily.

The versatile Daktronics control solutions – Show Control and Venus Control Suite – pair to provide specific productions for live events and non-game days. This solution fits into the current game-day operations and workflow without requiring additional operators or IT infrastructure.

Without having to repurpose the control or display system, the concourse LCDs can share live streams of the action while also showing data and statistics in a consistent manner as the LED display system. The in-game experience is extended to other areas of the arena.

“This hybrid control solution offers maximum flexibility for a very minimal cost,” said Seth Koch, Daktronics sales engineer. “Because this is a Daktronics system, each LCD can act as an independent signage system when not being used on game day and then switch quickly to a game-day look to show live content with minimum latency. It really is a game-changer for their facility.”

On non-game days, the system can schedule content including welcome messages, upcoming events and more using Venus Control Suite’s features. On game days, the Daktronics solution decodes the LED video information and seamlessly converts it to LCD readable information for accurate duplication on the screens.