Daktronics Partners With Business Bank Arena For LED Centrehung Display

Daktronics To Provide Citizens Business Bank Arena With New Centrehung LED Display System

Daktronics , South Dakota, has partnered with Citizens Business Bank Arena to design, manufacture and install a new centrehung LED display system inside their venue in Ontario, California, this fall.

Michael K. Krouse, President & CEO explained: “We sent a survey to our ticket buyers, and we review and take seriously all comments from our guests, with our existing centrehung being 10 years old, we made arrangements to bring a new scoreboard to Citizens Business Bank Arena in 2018, not only our sporting competitions will be seen with better clarity, but our graduation ceremonies will benefit from this brand-new large LED screen board.”

Four main video displays will create the square-shaped centrehung system. Each main display will measure 11.5 feet high by 21 feet wide to bring larger-than-life imagery to fans in every seat. Connecting the corners of the main displays will be four wedge-shaped displays, each measuring 11.5 feet high by 3 feet wide. Four displays form a ring round the configuration, each measuring 2 feet high by 21 feet wide.

All of these displays feature a tight 6-millimetre line spacing to bring increased resolution and image quality to viewers at every event.

Robin Hall, Daktronics regional manager said: “We have worked with Citizens Business Bank Arena since it opened in 2008, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to continue to partner with them for their upgraded centrehung video display system, the fans will benefit from larger displays with LED corners to improve their overall experience. Citizens Business Bank Arena home teams and their partners will have a greater inventory and opportunity for their promotions as well.”

The main displays are capable of variable content zoning allowing each to show one large image or to be divided into multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replay, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Daktronics LED video and messaging display technology offers a long lifetime with consistent, industry-leading performance and low power consumption, providing value and excitement for years to come.