e-Maximum Arena – A New Sports, ESports & Entertainment Venue

Introducing e-Maximus Arena – a smart, safe, connected and sustainable multipurpose venue for sports, eSports and entertainment in South Florida, USA.

e-Maximus Arena will deliver a permanent and vital impact on the economy in the area.

Jobs Opportunities:

Construction jobs: 1,200+

Full-time permanent jobs: 140+

Part time events/game day staff: 450+

Direct effects:  Jobs created during the construction of the arena. This includes construction workers, architects, accountants and others working directly on the project.

Indirect effects: Jobs created by the materials and goods required for the arena. This includes suppliers related to the project. All the materials and goods required for the construction of the arena will be made in the USA.

Induced effects: A boost to the local economy, which will benefit from the spending of construction workers and indirect beneficiaries of the arena.

Potential national and international events to be hosted all year long:



International Concerts / Shows

Fairs & Exhibitions

Conferences & Summits – such as the WorldSBN Summit

Pro gaming / eSport Tournments – such as the e-Maximus eSports Pro Cup

Arena estimated annual visitors: 468,000

Technical Specifications:

Total venue area: 2.4 acres (Parking area not included)

4,500-seat capacity in Sports / Entertainment area

4,500-person capacity in Exhibition / Conferences area

Total: 9,000 total visitor capacity

Extra infrastructure:

Gym; Co-working offices; Childrens’ playground; Gaming House

Arena Hospitality:

VIP Lounge; 25 VIP Boxes; 16 Stores

Smart, safe, connected and sustainable:

Super-fast, secure, high-density Wi-Fi network; Two giant 360-degree LED displays; Touch-screen, self-service terminals; 3D holographic technology; Biometric security solutions; Rainwater harvesting for sustainable solution; Solar panels to produce clean energy; Exclusive app; Mobile access control in the arena; Unique purchase experience; Real-time interaction; Live game-day experience; Unique footage and information; Access to discounts and benefits

Founder and CEO:

Luiz Felipe Giacomelli, is an experienced Sr. sports industry expert. He has been working with major projects, business, events and summits for over 20 years in Brazil, USA and Europe. Furthermore, he is a very well respected and trustworthy entrepreneur, with a huge professional network globally. Additionally, he has worked at major events such as Rio 2016 Olympics, and FIFA U-17 World Cup.