EAW Enhances Steinbrenner Field

George W. Steinbrenner Field, the spring home of the New York Yankees, has undergone a $40 million dollar renovation that includes a new Eastern Acoustic Work’s (EAW) distributed loudspeaker system designed by Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW) and installed by AVI-SPL.

“EAW MK Series loudspeakers were a terrific solution for this project,” explained Jeremy Thomas, CTS, account manager AVI-SPL. “Our primary concern was vocal intelligibility and the MK Series offers not only the clarity we required, but also a variety of horn patterns that allowed us to provide clean, even coverage throughout the stadium.”

The renovation included expanded stadium seating as well as a wrap-around concourse with plenty of social areas, outdoor bars and clean views of the field. The new distributed system was made up of 54 outdoor- rated MK loudspeakers – an assortment of MK2391, MK2391i and MK5399 – painted white and bracket-mounted under balcony areas, on walls and on poles throughout the concourse with particular attention paid to the new outdoor bar areas.  The new loudspeakers work in conjunction with the existing system that covers the main stands that run from 1st to third base.

“The point source coverage is excellent, allowing us to cover exactly what we needed to cover,” added Jeremy. “It works seamlessly with the existing system to provide Yankee fans with a far superior game-day experience than they had before.“