JD Sound and Video Provides Community Quality Sound for Two New Jersey High Schools

It is often said that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising as it carries an inherent recommendation. It certainly worked for JD Sound & Video, bringing it not one, but two contracts for the design and installation of gymnasium sound systems in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 
Cherry Hill High School West was founded in 1956 as the Delaware Township High School. It was renamed in 1963, following a phase of expansion and reflecting the developing identity of the township of Cherry Hill. With an excellent reputation for its quality of education and state-of-the-art technical facilities, Cherry Hill High School West now serves over 1,500 students. Fitness and sport is also a high priority and athletic director Lou Papa wanted a modern and effective sound system for the school’s gymnasium. He consulted with fellow heads of athletics in the region and was recommended to contact JD Sound & Video.
Joe DiSabatino, president and lead design engineer of JD Sound & Video, takes up the story, “The existing gymnasium system was very old and non-working so we designed a system from scratch with the proven solution of Community R SERIES loudspeakers. We arranged a demo on-site and the school was sufficiently impressed to give us the go ahead.”
Joe continues, “The gymnasium holds around 1,200 people, mainly for basketball and volleyball but they also host pep rallies and cheerleading events. When it rains, they can also host graduation and other large events inside. This required a fairly powerful and flexible system that would not only provide outstanding vocal clarity but also good quality music. Our design included four R.5COAX and eight R.35-3896 loudspeakers for ideal coverage with two IS6-215 subs adding low frequency power and extension for music. A Rane HAL system provides DSP and QSC CXD-series amplifiers power the loudspeakers. We installed two channels of Shure wireless with remote antennas and Whirlwind audio input plates throughout for flexibility. For ease of use the system is controlled via a 7-inch touch screen.”
On hearing the new system at Cherry Hill High School West, CJ Davis from the neighboring Cherry Hill High School East contacted JD Sound & Video to design and install a sound system for its own gymnasium. High School East serves over 2,300 students and with around 280 staff it provides a rich and multifaceted academic, athletic and extra-curricular environment. Its gymnasium had a similarly old and disused horn system.
Joe explained, “The gymnasium at Cherry Hill High School East is used for a similar range of sports and events and for coverage of this larger space we used eight R.25, eight R.35-3896 and eight R.35COAX loudspeakers with two IS6-215 subs. A QSC Q-SYS system provides DSP and we again chose QSC CXD-series amplifiers, Shure wireless and Whirlwind audio input plates and touch screen control.”
Joe concludes, “I was very pleased with the performance and control of the system at Cherry Hill High School West, but it doesn’t get a better endorsement than a neighbouring school hearing it and wanting the same. With Community R SERIES both schools not only have outstanding audio quality, but the proven reliability that will provide them with a system that will remain dependable for many years to come.”