Madison High School to Install Idaho’s First Fully Digital High School Football Display

Madison High School in Rexburg, Idaho, will be the first in the state to install a fully digital football display from Daktronics.

Alongside the display, the school is also the first in the state to incorporate a Daktronics sound system. The 12-by-25-foot video display and Sportsound 1500 audio system are scheduled for installation this summer. Vibrant, clear LED pixels make graphics, live video and pre-produced content easy to see from all sides of Bobcat Stadium, amplifying the game atmosphere. The Daktronics Sportsound system has clear, rich audio that carries across the stadium.

“We wanted something that accentuated our new stadium,” said Jordan Busby, assistant administrator at Madison High School. “We like the ability to use the digital display as a way to promote our school as well as to generate dynamic sponsorship opportunities that can be changed as needs arise.”

When Jordan and other Madison High School administrators experienced the Daktronics sound system in Evanston, Wyoming, Busby said they were very impressed.

“All of our current scoreboards are Daktronics and we like the ability to use similar equipment throughout the district,” said Jordan. “This helps in times where we may have equipment failure, and it makes it easier for personnel, as they only have to learn one program.”

Jordan said the video display is also a platform that will be used to feature student activities and for community events, including movie nights and concerts.

Madison High School wants the students to get involved in game-day production after the display is installed. Plans for a sports marketing business class are in the works, Busby said.

Brent McFarland, principal architect at JRW & Associates, said Daktronics exceeded his expectations with knowledge of balancing costs and options that kept costs and preferred features in mind.

“They presented the client with several revenue-generating options associated with the client’s new scoreboard, allowing the client to secure a scoreboard with more features,” said Brent. “Daktronics has comprehensive and diverse scoreboard and sound system product lines, offering a solution for every budget and project size.”

Jordan said the new scoreboard wouldn’t have been possible without sponsorship from Idaho Central Credit Union: “From the start of the project, they have been excited to help us bring the newest and latest digital scoreboard opportunities to the new Bobcat Stadium.”

This dynamic display brings the Madison School District opportunities to bring in additional revenue to the school from advertising with more spots to feature sponsors.

“We are very excited to get our new scoreboard,” said Madison High School Principal Mike Bennett. “It will take our event experiences to a new level. The opportunities for our students to be involved in selling ads, developing content and running the scoreboard will help prepare them for possible careers in this area in the future.”