New Liberty Arena Opens with Daktronics Displays

Daktronics has continued a long-standing partnership with Liberty University to manufacture and install 15 LED displays at the new Liberty Arena in Lynchburg, Virginia. The installation was completed in 2020 before the new venue opened in December.

“We are thrilled with the new Daktronics boards in our Arena,” said John Gauger, chief information officer and VP of analytics and decision support at Liberty University. “They are one of the most visible focal points that contribute to making Liberty Arena one of the top collegiate basketball facilities in the nation. Go Flames!”

A new centerhung LED video display system is installed featuring four individual displays each featuring a tight 3.9-millimeter pixel spacing for higher resolution imagery. Two side-facing displays measure 13 feet high by 24.5 feet wide and two end-facing displays measure 10 feet high by 18 feet wide.

These displays are capable of variable content zoning to show one large image on each or for each to be divided into multiple zones to show a combination of content and data. They can share live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

“Daktronics is proud to be a part of this beautiful new arena and to continue our relationship with Liberty University,” said Charley Bocklet, Daktronics region manager. “The arena provides an intimate setting for both basketball and volleyball games. It’s a great atmosphere for both the fans and the players. To see this project come to life from start to finish has been remarkable. We couldn’t be more elated.”

Along the seating fascia, a ribbon display was installed to share additional information and branding messages throughout events. It measures 2.5 feet high by 715 feet long and features 10-millimeter pixel spacing. Similarly, two vomitory displays mounted about entrances to the seating bowl were installed to share statistics and scoring. Each measures 2.5 feet high by 33 feet wide and features 10-millimeter pixel spacing.

On the sides of the basketball court, four LED scorer’s tables each feature 6-millimeter line spacing and measure 2 feet high by 9 feet wide to share additional information and graphics supplemental to the main displays. At each end of the arena mounted to the basketball hoop stanchions will be four total displays measuring 1 foot high by 3 feet wide and featuring 6-millimeter pixel spacing to provide additional sponsorship opportunities.

Additionally, the Liberty lacrosse venue received a portable video display featuring 10-millimeter line spacing and measuring 14.5 feet high by 26.5 feet wide. This display has the same capabilities as the arena displays to bring video and information to fans at lacrosse and other events.