Nextologies Expands Partnership with PSSI Global Services

Nextologies continues to expand its Partnership with PSSI Global Services to provide satellite and IP transport and encryption facilities for high profile international events.

The recent UFC Fight Night from Shenzhen, China presented the PSSI team with some unique challenges due to overlapping feeds in multiple locations across the city. Senior project manager, Keith Valeri, along with Tracy Michaels, PSSI’s director of project engineering, deployed Nextologies’ IP encoding and transport solutions to support the athletes weigh-in at the Futian Shangri-La hotel in Shenzhen. PSSI transmitted encrypted, redundant feeds of the weigh-in back to Nextologies headquarters in Toronto, as well as the PSSI International Teleport which, in turn, uplinked the signal to a domestic satellite for multiple distribution outlets and social media platforms.

“We are excited to continue creating custom solutions for PSSI, helping them stay at the forefront of live encrypted transmission services,” said Sasha Zivanovic, CEO of Nextologies.

Nextologies continues to play a key role in PSSI’s transmission plans for big events in the Middle East, including June’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah, and the upcoming WWE Live Riyadh event in November. PSSI/Strategic Television’s UFC team, fresh off the successful event in Shenzhen, also utilized Nextologies’ equipment to provide an IP transport pathway for last week’s UFC 242, the first UFC pay-per-view event to ever originate from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Nextologies has developed cutting-edge encryption technology that allows both satellite and IP to meet the increasingly complex content protection requirements of PSSI’s extensive customer base.

Their NXT-ASIIP-GW device provides an additional layer of AES 256 bits encryption on top of the pre-existing encryption in a completely transparent mode with out-of-band key management. This device enables point-to-multipoint transmission, utilising the multi-path approach – ASI over satellite and IP via public or private network. Nextologies’ proprietary system is comparable to a Tier 1 level of security but at an extremely affordable cost for both full time and occasional use projects.