Philips Lights South Korea

Philips Lighting Winter Olympics

Philips Lighting has announced its Philips ArenaVision floodlighting will be installed in four South Korean stadiums that will be used for skiing, snowboarding, hockey, skating and short track.

The stadiums that will deploy the lighting are the Phoenix Snow Stadium, the Gangneung and Gwandong Hockey Centers and the Gangneung Ice Arena. Philips ArenaVision floodlighting has already been installed at numerous major stadia in South Korea and around the world.

Philips ArenaVision floodlighting is designed to enable athletes to perform at their best and fans to enjoy the sport to the fullest. Delivering light with a colour temperature close to daylight (5600k), it enhances the concentration of both athletes and audiences.

Its high colour rendering index of 90 shows the real colour of an object, enhancing the visual performance, relevant in sports such as figure skating.

The embedded reflector skirt minimises glare, providing clear visibility on the field, and removing distractions which could hinder players’ performance. The lighting is durable and robust even in harsh conditions with a waterproof and dust proof rating of IP65.

It meets stringent 3D and Ultra High Definition broadcast standards, capturing every detail, and its flicker-free technology allows replays to be shown in slow motion, showing every detail without any flickering.

Kees Klein, Hesselink’s Global Key Account Manager at Philips Lighting Arena Solutions said: “Philips ArenaVision has built up its success and reputation over many years of being deployed at major global sports events.

“We are confident that it will help both the performance of athletes and the enjoyment of spectators and millions of home viewers during major sports events.”