Pixellot & Morawa Bring AI-Powered Live Streaming Content to Austria

Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports video and analytics solutions, has partnered with Morawa Digital, the Media subsidiary of Austria’s venerable Morawa publishing empire to bring quality sports content of the many teams and leagues that have not had coverage up until now.

During the 2022 season, Morawa Digital will begin installing Pixellot systems with a goal of connecting hundreds of venues across Austria. The rollout plan will include live coverage of amateur league games followed by video analysis and streaming of 1+2 Bundesliga Soccer and the Women Bundesliga first league soccer, 1+2 handball Bundesliga, 3+4 soccer leagues, and the regional ice hockey league. The content will be available on-demand on for by subscription package on www.fans.at.

The Pixellot’s multi-purpose technology platform empowers sports coverage and analysis with a range of solutions for both media and coaching. Pixellot’s value proposition combines cost-effectiveness with the field-proven ability to operate in all conditions: indoor and outdoor, and even with low light and low-bandwidth connectivity.

“The quality and affordability that Pixellot systems deliver, with low latency and low bitrates are absolute game-changers,” said Hannes Rangger, CTO of Morawa Digital. “We are very excited to be bringing true democratisation to Austrian sports, The AI-Automated production will enable us to provide large quantities of live sports content for sports fans around the country.”

“The cooperation with Morawa Digital and Pixellot is absolutely great for us. As a TV broadcaster, the short delay of just 5 seconds is a real game changer,” added Marco Cornelius, Director of krone.tv Sport “The possibility to stream at a low upload rate helps the clubs that have limited connectivity and that is very exciting for the fans and the teams of all levels and leagues – men, women and youth”

“Our mission has long been to bring sports fans content from their most beloved teams, that’s why we created a modular platform that can serve multiple business models,” said Alon Werber, CEO of Pixellot. “Today, all leagues can be covered cost-effectively, and monetised easily. Fans will have much more access to their favourite teams, and leagues and rights-holders will be able to realize new avenues for development.”

Pixellot’s AI-Automated solution is revolutionising the way teams play, coach, and share their games with family, friends, and fans. By enabling teams to easily capture their games, broadcast them live or on-demand, and monetise through advertising and subscriptions, any team can afford to stream their live games.