Pliant Technologies CrewCom Hits a Home Run at MLB All-Star Game

CP Communications, a leading provider of live event production solutions, recently turned to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system to provide proven wireless communication for the recent MLB All-Star Game and surrounding live events, including the Home Run Derby and pre/post-game ceremonies. Providing RF coverage throughout the stadium as well as additional on-site production locations, Pliant’s CrewCom provided a dependable intercom solution for the weekend-long event.

It was of utmost importance for CP Communications to provide the MLB with an easy-to-use system that had virtually no end-user learning curve. “Something that has always stood out to me about Pliant’s CrewCom system is that it doesn’t require much effort on the user end. You can pick it up and it just works,” said Michael Mason, president of CP Communications. “CrewCom is lightweight, ergonomic, feels comfortable, and the battery lasts as long as I need it to. I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to a coms system.”

The coverage area needed for the MLB All-Star game was fairly large. With its Control Unit (CU) housed in the production truck located across the street, approximately 1000 feet from the house I/O, the system needed to span the distance to the stadium and then also cover several areas within the facility including in the bowl, in the hallways behind the dugouts, the production offices and the service hallway. CrewCom’s new Fiber Hub provided the perfect solution.

Using multiple CrewCom four-volume Radio Packs and ten Radio Transceivers (RTs), the MLB commissioner’s office was able to be assigned to their own production intercom channels while also having a direct line for communications to the television trucks – ESPN for the Home Run Derby and FOX for the All-Star Game. This setup allowed the MLB to seamlessly communicate with directors and producers in the network trucks to ensure a smooth production.

In regards to the system set up, CP Communications depends on the ease of deployment with CrewCom. Additionally, Mason finds CrewCom to be a solid option in the 900MHz spectrum range – helping to avoid overcrowded frequencies. For a given event, CP Communications can use up to 36 Radio Packs with two Control Units. The system can easily be expanded for additional users. Since CrewCom was first released, CP Communications has relied on the wireless intercom system for dozens of live productions, including multiple WWE events including WrestleMania, and the past two seasons of college football with The Big Ten Network, as well as the MLB All-Star Game for the past two years.

“Having the ability to connect the remote antennas directly off of the Fiber Hub increases the usability of the system. You can walk into a facility that is wired with single-mode fibre, grab strands and go – there is no need to run additional copper or fibre,” added Michael. “At CP Communications, we understand how crucial it is to implement reliable communications solutions for live events. We look for the right tool to fit the needs of the client, and Pliant’s CrewCom solves those needs.”