Pro Media Audio Video Appoints Eddie Thomas as Director

Performance systems integrator, Pro Media Audio Video, enters the European market with industry veteran Eddie Thomas. Charged with developing global business for new entity Pro Media Audio Video EU (PMAV-EU), Eddiebrings 30 years of industry knowledge to the role.

Headquartered in Lititz, PA, Pro Media Audio Video joined the Clair Global group of companies in 2019. The new EU office will establish a local presence from Britannia Row Productions’ Twickenham base.

Pro Media Audio Video has built an outstanding technical reputation over the last 45 years, and with deep routed connections in live sports, the company enjoys strong relationships with Major League teams in the US.

Pro Media Audio Video General Manager, Ted Leamy, commented: “Each of the companies has the same working culture. Eddie shares our values and he is the person chosen to carry this global standard into Europe.

“Eddie is incredibly well connected and as we begin this expansion, he is backed up by a very experienced team worldwide. Our presence in the UK will further add to our global information sharing, ultimately as one set of resources.”

Pro Media Audio Video comes to Europe with an impeccable safety record, coupled with standard-setting levels of professionalism. Through projects large and small, it continues to add real world value to aspirational concepts.

Eddie’s decades of audio system experience comes from working in network design and electro-acoustics with consultants, contractors and architectural specialists.

Eddie said: “I enjoy working with designers and consultants to create workable solutions and I’m very excited about this brand-new opportunity in such an impressive global business.”

Eddie’s forte is large format audio systems. He has a proven track record and skillset in Stadia and Arena projects. In his new role, he will develop further relationships with core technical partners.

As a complete systems integrator and technology partner, Pro Media Audio Video utilises experts from the fields of audio, AV, Wi-Fi, network management, IT comms and infrastructure for a wide range of activity in numerous sectors.

While different vertical markets have been affected by the pandemic, opportunities continue to present in the construction area. With this, a long-term approach to growth has been established and Pro Media Audio Video EU is part of a 20-year business plan that signposts investment into the UK and European regions.

“There will be undoubted challenges in the UK and Europe as Brexit unfolds,” Eddie continued. “Yet I am looking forward to developing and working on a range of challenging technical projects. I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is expected from an integrator and it’s a great feeling to know that as part of Pro Media Audio Video EU, we’ll be able to achieve ground-breaking projects together.”

Leamy concludes: “Pro Media Audio Video was identified as a centre of excellence, having become successful in moving from production into integration. That’s what the group does; we seek out centres of excellence – and the people who can promote that.

“We feel it’s of vital importance to understand our services from the perspective of the end user, and so we understand what is needed in order to benefit the fan experience. Uniquely, we are able to leverage production people into integration and that’s what we will continue to do.

“Eddie’s own knowledge is extraordinary and he represents another step in the expansion of our existing vision.”

Pro Media Audio Video EU is now fully operational and open for business and will be expanding its new Business Development team in due course. With Eddie already embarking on a number of new projects, he will continue to incorporate market-leading expertise into AV technology builds across Europe.