Quince Imaging and Christie Rally Fans at Capital One Arena with Dual-Sport Projection System

Quince Imaging and Christie rally fans at Capital One Arena with dual-sport projection system

Monumental Sports and Entertainment chose Quince Imaging to install a dual-sport projection system with the help of Christie technology.

MSE Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hunter Lochmann explained: “With an arena renovation coming up, our goal was to enhance the fan experience and we have always had the projection system at the top of our list.” With both the Wizards and Capitals having tremendous seasons, Monumental decided to temporarily install the system for the playoffs, and permanently install it during the off-season.

The system had to be dual-sport , capable to projection map on ice for the Capitals and on the hardwood court for the Wizards and adjust to the different size of each surface. It also had to be turnkey and include the projection technology, content and 3D visuals.

Eric Gazzillo, Producer, Quince Imaging said: “Monumental Sports wanted to have not only a permanent installation, but they also wanted to have something immediately for the playoffs. And that’s something we’re uniquely capable of doing: quickly installing a rental system of 12 Christie Boxer 4K30 for the playoff run for the Capitals and the Wizards, while working with them longer term on the permanent installation coming up this fall.”

In addition to the Christie projectors, Quince also used Christie Pandoras Box with Widget Designer, Christie Mystique Install Pro Venue Edition and Christie Terra.

Eric added: “When you go from hockey to basketball – say we’re just doing a basketball set up, we want to make sure the court is 4K resolution. When we go to hockey, and you think about just cropping down to basketball, you lose a lot of that resolution. So to avoid that, we’re running all of the Boxer 4Ks at their native 4K resolution and we’re using Terra to make sure that the signal is uncompressed 4K all the way through. So when we shrink down to the much smaller surface of the court, we’re still getting the full 4K resolution on the court thanks to Terra.”

Quince Imaging also used Widget Designer to connect to the scoreboards and ribbons with the projection mapping content on the ice or court for a content “takeover” of the entire arena with a single button push. Also with a single click, Christie Mystique Install automatically warps, blends and aligns the content across all 12 projectors in a matter of minutes to ensure that the system is always perfectly calibrated and game-ready, eliminating the need for labour and several hours of dark time to manually adjust the system.

Hunter concluded: “Feedback from both teams on the projection was tremendous, especially with the Stanley Cup win by the Capitals, we were very happy with all of our 3D capabilities during the playoffs, including the Christie solutions.”