Unilumin Group: Lighting Up European Sports Arenas with Cutting-Edge LED Displays 

As the 33rd Summer Olympic Games approach in the summer of 2024, Europe is gearing up for this monumental international sporting event. The anticipation is palpable as locals eagerly await to witness the excitement and grandeur of the competitions. Integral to these thrilling events are the professional LED displays that bring them to life. Unilumin Group, The LED Applications Pioneer, has been instrumental in enhancing numerous European sports events with its state-of-the-art LED sports products, delivering unparalleled visual experiences to audiences. 

One notable example is Hungary’s Puskás Aréna, which features 225 square meters of UsportX perimeter screens and 461 square meters of Ustorm scoreboards. These installations provide a near-surround view of the action, displaying real-time scores, event highlights, and interactive and clear content for fans. This combination creates an immersive and vibrant viewing experience that keeps spectators engaged from start to finish.  

Unilumin scoreboard providing high quality of display 

Similarly, Serbia’s TSC Arena benefits from Unilumin’s expertise, with 216 square meters of UsportX perimeter screens and a 50 square meter UsurfaceⅢ scoreboard, ensuring a seamless and captivating football match experience. 

Unilumin perimeter providing full range of protections 

In the UK, Germany, and Norway, Unilumin’s presence is equally prominent. Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, Germany’s BayArena, and Norway’s Aker Stadium are all equipped with 446, 403, and 233 square meters of UsportX perimeter screens, respectively. The UsportX series is renowned for its exceptional color restoring (15bit high grayscale) and comprehensive player protection (soft material surrounding top and screen surface, able to withstand the impact of a soccer ball moving at 140 kg/s), allowing players to perform at their best while delivering a stunning visual feast for the audience. This also maximizes advertising impact, offering sponsors premium visibility. 

Unilumin’s capabilities extend beyond perimeter and scoreboard displays. Turkey’s Ulker Sports Arena showcases a striking example of a center-hung scoreboard with a 550 square meter LED solution. This visually commanding display ensures that every spectator, regardless of their seat, has a clear view of live scores, game action, and highlights, significantly enhancing the overall fan experience. 

Unilumin center-hung scoreboard satisfying customized needs 

The UsportX series and UsportF24 exemplify Unilumin’s commitment to delivering high-protection, superior color performance, and maximized advertising value. As the LED Applications Pioneer, Unilumin continually adapts to market and technological trends, striving to provide clients with precise and integrated solutions. Their vision for the sports industry remains focused on innovation and excellence. 

For more information about Unilumin’s sports solutions, please visit (https://www.unilumin.com/7markets/led-display-business-group/sports-display-solutions.html).